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Husband, Dad, Head Coach & Founder of Tricentraluk

Tony Cullen Ironman Triathlon Coach

Tony has been competing in triathlon events since 2000, and is just as passionate
today as when he started. Although he is still a very competitive athlete in his own
right, he now takes even more pleasure from helping others achieve their goals.

As an active competitor, Tony has tried and tested almost everything there is in his pursuit of excellence. And after years of endless research, he has a catalogue of successful techniques to pass on to his athletes.

But as the sport of triathlon continues to evolve, Tony is constantly looking for ways to improve both his coaching ability and his athletes - making sure he is always making
the very best of their training time.

Tony has always been a highly competitive sportsman, starting off as a young professional footballer. Following spells at Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers & Aston Villa he turned to coaching and was the Head Fitness & Endurance Coach at FC United - one of the biggest amateur football clubs in the country.

After taking up triathlon in 2000, he also started to build a small client base coaching mostly friends. Before long, he decided to take the next step to specialise in long distance triathlon coaching, meaning TricentralUK was born.


With a full time job as an Imports Manager, a passion for fitness, and a wife and
3 daughters - 2 of whom swim with Bolton Metro Performance Swim Squad -
a 4:45am alarm call is the norm in the Cullen household.

But this hectic family lifestyle is what helps Tony understand how important it is to find
a training structure that fits around different lifestyles. So no matter what you want your work-life-training balance to be, you can be sure that we will find a programme that suits you.







6 X Ironman World Championship Kona Qualifier
6th AG Ironman UK 2012
Silver medal at British standard distance AG champs 2013
2nd Overall Bala Middle Distance 2013
4th AG Mallorca 70.3 2013
2nd AG Ironman UK 2014
6th AG Ironman Lanzarote 2014 (sub 10hrs)
2nd AG Challenge Dubai 70.3 2015
6th AG Ironman South Africa 2015 (sub 10hrs)
2nd AG Ironman UK Staffs 70.3 2015
1st AG Ironman UK 2015 (sub 10hrs)
1st Overall Monster Middle distance 70.3 2016
Gold Medal and British Middle Distance AG Champion 2016
3rd AG Ironman Austria 2016 (sub 9hrs)
Sub 9hr Ironman PB (8:57) IM Austria 2016
1st AG Ironman UK in 9:422017
1st AG Challenge Mogan Half Gran Canaria 2017
2nd AG Challenge Championships 2018
2nd AG IRONMAN Dubai 70.3 2019
1st AG IRONMAN Marbella 70.3 2019
1st Overall English National Middle Distance Champion 2019
1st AG IRONMAN UK Bolton 2019




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IM Winner 2019.jpg

Brian Fogarty

SENIOR COACH Tricentraluk

Brian started Triathlon in 2012 after calling time on a football career which involved playing for Burnley FC and semi professional clubs around the northwest. He spent a few years just focusing on running but constant injuries forced Brian into a change.  Being a very strong minded and dedicated person the appeal to do an Ironman was very strong.  He jumped in with no experience and did it. It’s was then that the love for the sport began. Years on Brian’s love and passion has grown to being his life.  He lives and breaths training, racing and is now helping others reach their potential as a coach for TriCentralUK. 

Brian has shown how balancing his full time job working for his Insurance Brokers and still improving his ironman performances are possible, he is now mixing it at the very top of Amateur world Ironman rankings, we are sure it wont be long until he is racing in the professional ranks.  He is now a coach for TriCentralUk after working with Tony since 2016.

“As an athlete i have worked with some the best and worst coaches around, over the years this has given me a huge amount of knowledge and along with my own racing experiences i believe i have alot to offer as a coach and working along side someone of Tony’s pedigree is only going to help me develop further as a Coach” 


4 Time Kona finisher
2013 Kona 9.32
2014 Kona 9.38
2015 IM Lanzarote 18th overall
2015 IM UK 12th overall
2016 IM Lanzarote 25th overall
2016 Sandman 1st
2017 IM Lanzarote 11th overall
2017 IM UK 4th overall
1st Overall Amateur at IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019
1st Overall Amateur at IRONMAN UK Bolton 2019


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Karen Driver

COACH Tricentraluk

Karen started her sporting career as a swimmer at a very young, where she was up at 5am before school, sometimes training twice a day and competing at weekends. This set Karen up to become the committed and dedicated athlete she is today.

In 2014 after achieving everything she wanted to in the world of swimming, Karen decided to take on a different challenge and did her first triathlon and surprisingly finished with a podium position, on an old bike with trainers on, totally no idea what she was doing! From that day she was hooked on triathlon, however always wanting to push herself, Ironman was the ultimate goal.

Karen sought the help of Tony Cullen in 2016 and has since grown into a very successful age group athlete. This shows just how far you can come if you are committed to the process and have the right coach, guiding you along the way.

Karen also works full time for Swim England as a Strategic Partnership Manager so as you can see she lives and breathes sport.

“ I believe if you have the right coach who understands your goals, your outside commitments and you as a person, you can achieve anything….
as Ironman says “Anything is Possible”

I feel privileged to be working alongside such well respected and successful coaches as Tony Cullen and Brian Fogarty and know that they will only develop me further as a coach ….Exciting times!


World record, European record, British record – 4 x 200 FC relay
Multiple wins in 400, 800, 1500m F/C nationally and internationally
Multiple Kona qualifier
2nd AG Sandman triathlon 2014
2nd AG Chester sprint 2015
6th AG IM Barcelona 2015
1st AG Rubicon half 2015
1st AG Snowman legend (Half distance) 2016
1st AG IM Weymouth 2016
3rd AG Bala middle distance 2017
1st AG / 2nd overall Sandman legend (Half distance) 2017
2nd AG IM UK 2017
Kona 2017 finisher (with broken arm!)
1st AG Monster Mojo half 2018
1st AG/ 2nd overall Falcon half 2018
2nd AG IM UK 2018