Karen Driver

COACH Tricentraluk

Karen started her sporting career as a swimmer at a very young, where she was up at 5am before school, sometimes training twice a day and competing at weekends. This set Karen up to become the committed and dedicated athlete she is today.

In 2014 after achieving everything she wanted to in the world of swimming, Karen decided to take on a different challenge and did her first triathlon and surprisingly finished with a podium position, on an old bike with trainers on, totally no idea what she was doing! From that day she was hooked on triathlon, however always wanting to push herself, Ironman was the ultimate goal.

Karen sought the help of Tony Cullen in 2016 and has since grown into a very successful age group athlete. This shows just how far you can come if you are committed to the process and have the right coach, guiding you along the way.

Karen also works full time for Swim England as a Strategic Partnership Manager so as you can see she lives and breathes sport.

“ I believe if you have the right coach who understands your goals, your outside commitments and you as a person, you can achieve anything….as Ironman says “Anything is Possible”

I feel privileged to be working alongside such well respected and successful coaches as Tony Cullen and Brian Fogarty and know that they will only develop me further as a coach ….Exciting times!


World Record, European Record,
British Record – 4 x 200 FC relay
Multiple wins in 400, 800, 1500m F/c Nationally and Internationally
Multiple Kona Qualifier
2nd AG Sandman Triathlon 2014
2nd AG Chester Sprint 2015
6th AG IM Barcelona 2015
1st AG Rubicon Half 2015
1st AG Snowman Legend
(Half Distance) 2016
1st AG IM Weymouth 2016
3rd AG Bala Middle Distance 2017
1st AG / 2nd Overall Sandman Legend
(Half distance) 2017
2nd AG IM UK 2017
KONA 2017 Finisher (with broken arm!)
1st AG Monster Mojo Half 2018
1st AG/ 2nd Overall Falcon Half 2018
2nd AG IM UK 2018